Jan Maru De Guzman

Hi again, I'm Maru.

I'm a full-stack developer living in the Philippines, interested in how people and software can work together to make life better. I'm currently at BlueFletch, where I develop enterprise level Android applications. I also do consultancy projects that helped thousands of worforce to digitize their workflow and reducing paper waste.

I previously worked at Technistock Inc., where I developed a fully-pledged real-time and modern Web and Android trading applications that helped stock investors navigate through the challenges of the financial market.

I also develop and maintain a website (Apollo PH) that helps medical practicioners track their appointments, and soon enough will have a support for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that would virtually live in the internet reducing paper waste here in the Philippines.

As a developer, I enjoy being a generalist with focus on craft and reliability. I value aesthetic visuals that is backed by smart systems.

Outside my professional life, I love food at all costs. I spend time exploring hole in the wall restaurants, cooking and testing new recipes, and talking about my next meal.

If you want to chat, feel free to reach out.